2016 Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Week

The 2016 Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Week will be celebrated March 6-12. The theme for the week will be “Caution—Safety is No Accident” and will highlight a different safety focus each day of the week. We encourage you to start planning your ASAP Week activities now using the ASAP week logo.


Take the time to watch important safety videos focused on ATV safety, youth safety on the farm, tractor safety, roadway safety, and grain bin safety. CLICK HERE for this week's videos

DOWNLOAD resources to help you stay safe on the farm.



Agriculture ranks among the most dangerous industries. Between 2003 and 2011, 5,816 agricultural workers died from work-related injuries in the US. (1,2)

The leading cause of death for farmworkers between 1992 and 2009 was tractor overturns, accounting for over 90 deaths annually. The most effective way to prevent tractor overturn deaths is the use of Roll-Over Protective Structures; however in 2006 only 59% of tractors used on farms in the US were equipped with these devices. (2)

On average, 113 youth less than 20 years of age die annually from farm-related injuries (1995 -2002), with most of these deaths occurring to youth 16-19 years of age (34%). (3)

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