NEW - Farm Bureau Market Intel Reports

Like most farmers and ranchers, your business relies on the ebbs and flows of the agricultural economy. What are the impacts for the beef market when cow slaughter is higher than this time last year? What are the full implications of farmers planting more soybeans and less corn this year? Now, with Farm Bureau’s Market Intel, you have a place to turn for answers to these tough questions in a timely manner without breaking the bank.

The recently launched economic analysis resource can assist farmers and ranchers with important decisions directly affecting your livelihood. With regular market breakdowns, you do not need to be an economist to decipher how current trends in agriculture will affect the profitability of your farm or ranch. 

Led by chief economist Dr. Bob Young, the American Farm Bureau Federation’s highly regarded economics team posts the latest on today’s market intelligence. The team consists of director of market intelligence Dr. John Newton, who focuses on agricultural commodity markets, risk management and farm bill programs; economist Katelyn McCullock, who specializes in economic analysis of animal health and welfare, organic standards for livestock, and livestock and dairy markets; and economist Veronica Nigh, who analyzes how shifts in policy related to international trade, environmental issues, transportation, labor, food safety and taxes affect the agricultural economy. Combined, this team of economists can cover the entire spectrum of policy issues and economic trends in agriculture.

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